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As clothing maker we use various tools and materials on a daily basis. Most of these tools used in fashion & textile industries throughout Japan and worldwide have a long history and withstood the test of time by countless professionals hands. We carefully select the best tools and materials for our products and can therefore confidently sell what we are using everyday. 

About Studio Masachuka

Pattern drawing tools

sewing tools

cutting tools

Wishing crafting culture prosperity

八(Hachi) Number 8 in Japanese means prosperity and infinity. We believe as a clothing maker this is our way of spreading the Japanese culture

Sashiko 刺し子

Sashiko is an ancient Japanese stitching technique for mending clothes, developed by working-class people during the Edo period. It’s a form of upcycling, making garments stronger and lasting longer.

Nonaka Mfg Co.,Ltd

Founded in 1908. Initially started as a maker for special sewing machines. The need for a noiseless tool led to the creation of the screw punch in 1976. This innovative tool marked a shift from noisy hole-making methods. 

Bunka Fashion Colleage

Founded in 1919, BFC was Japan’s first dressmaking school, boasting a century of history and around 300,000 alumni. A cornerstone of Japanese fashion education, BFC also publishes diverse textbooks and original items.

Yokota Co.,Ltd

More famously known as Daruma Ito (Thread) was founded in 1901. Daruma has embodied excellence. Offering a diverse range of premium threads that elevate your creations. Also they provide a wide array of Sashiko threads, samplers and kits.



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