Misuya Chubei – Assorted Sashiko Needles (Pack of 5)


These Misuya Chubei Sashiko needles were designed for the purpose of Sashiko.

Shape of the eye: Grooved oval

The package contains 5 needles, one for each size including:

特短 (Extra short) : W0.84mm×L36.4mm  x 1
短 (Short) : W0.84mm×L45.5mm  x 1
中(Medium) : W0.89mm×L51.5mm  x 1
長 (Long) : W0.96mm×L54.5mm  x 1
特長 (Extra Long) : W1.07mm×L66.7mm  x 1

Note: The package is written only in Japanese.
刺し子針=Sashiko Needle

Please always store needles safely and keep them away from children.


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