Cohana-Seki Sewing Shears with Lacquered Handles in 5 Colours – 7th Anniversary Limited Edition


<A Notice to customers who have purchased this product>

We have received many inquiries about the color of the handles of scissors, and apologize for any concern or inconvenience this may have caused.

The color of lacquered handles is duller and darker than it should be when the lacquer has been applied for only a short period of time. That’s because the lacquer has a distinctive yellowish tone at first. Greens and blues are strongly influenced by this lacquer characteristic.

As time passes, environmental conditions such as ultraviolet rays, temperature, and humidity change the color of the lacquer to a brighter tone and becomes more colorful. The lacquer formula of the product shown in the image on the product page and the product sold this time is the same and manufactured in the same way, so the handles of your scissors will have the same color tone.

The time it takes for the color tone become brighter depends on the environment. We would appreciate it if you could enjoy the process of color tone change.

■Color Change of Blue■

■Color Change of Green■

<Purchase Quantity Limit>
In order to deliver this product to as many customers as possible, each customer is limited to 1 purchase per colour of this product.
Orders exceeding the limit will be cancelled. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Cohana Nihonbashi Store 7th Anniversary Limited Edition


Cohana Nihonbashi Store celebrates its 7th anniversary in June 2024.We offer our popular scissors in limited edition colors as a special appreciation to our customers.
We have reflected many of comments we received in our customer survey, “Scissors in more colours and brighter colours!” into the five basic colours of Cohana.

The blades are created by Hasegawa Cutlery, a manufacturer of edged tools established in 1933 and located in Seki, Japan’s foremost cutlery-making town. Blades are forged and hand-fitted by master craftsmen for a sharp edge and a smooth, hitch-free cutting experience. The size is a little smaller than usual shears. They fit right in a woman’s hand. They are lightweight and easy to handle, so you won’t get tired even after long hours of use.

The handles are decorated with Urushi lacquer, which give them noble lustre and elegance. The smooth texture unique to Urushi lacquer makes these scissors special.

▼Comes with a genuine leather sheath in the same colour as the handles.


Lacquer|Ehara Lacquer Works/Nagoya, Aichi
Lacquer factory founded in 1970 in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture. They mainly make lacquer items and Buddhist altars for temples and households. In recent years, they have been producing various lacquered works other than traditional Buddhist altars.

Scissors|Hasegawa Cutlery/Seki,Gifu
A cutlery manufacturer established in 1933 in Seki City, Gifu Prefecture, one of Japan’s leading cutlery towns. The reliable quality was born from the outstanding technology and abundant knowledge cultivated through history. Their products have pleasant sharpness that cannot be found anywhere else.

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