– The Traditional Mending Technique – 

Sashiko (刺し子) is a traditional type of Japanese embroidery and stitching dating back to the Edo period (1615 – 1868). It was first developed among working class people such as farmers and fishermen for mending their worn-out cloths and clothing. Cloth was a precious commodity and by applying Sashiko they could make it stronger and last longer. They kept on mending their clothing in this way and passed it down through the generations. In other words: Sashiko is an old traditional Japanese upcycling technique.


Sashiko Meets the Modern Era

In addition to our regular tasks, we also create upcycled Sashiko clothing. We enhance these garments by adding decorative Sashiko stitches and patches made from hand-crafted Boro(ish) fabrics. Additionally, we hold Sashiko workshops throughout the EU and US in collaboration with the Japanese clothing retailer UNIQLO. We work closely with them to support their sustainability projects

Our Sashiko works

Sashiko Needles

Misuya Chubei founded in 1819 in Kyoto. They are one of two remaining Misuya needle makers in Japan. History of Misuya needle dating back to the 11th century.  You can find more information about Misuya needle by clicking the link below. 

Sashiko Threads

One of Japan`s most famous Daruma threads is made by YOKOTA CO., LTD. The company was founded by Chozaemon Yokota. Their passion towards making quality threads hasn`t changed since they started their business in 1901. 

Sashiko Sets

Sashiko Samplers & Cloths

Sashiko Thimbles

Tracing tools

Marking tools

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