Nonaka Mfg Co.,Ltd

Kijyuro Nonaka established Nonaka Manufacturing company in 1908, later known as Nonaka Mfg.Co.,Ltd. The company responded to a tailor’s request in 1972 by developing the Screwpunch, an innovative hole-punching tool using torque force. In 1977, a patent was acquired for the Screwpunch, which gained widespread recognition. Since then, the Screwpunch has been widely used in sewing, handcrafts, leathercraft, and papercraft, including hobbies like book scrapping.

– How to Use Nonaka Screwpunch – 

Screwpunch & Replacment blades


The Screw Punch by NONAKA obtained a utility model (1216912) in 1977, and its brim bears the engraving “SCREW PUNCH MADE IN JAPAN.” Beware of subpar imitations when considering similar products.