NONA was founded by Rika Stein in Tokyo, Japan, previously known as Temaricious. Their  journey into crafting began with the creation of TEMARI (Japanese traditional hand embroidered balls) using plant-dyed threads. Despite being located in the heart of Tokyo, specifically in Nishi-Ogikubo, a place seemingly disconnected from nature, NONA manages to derive the essence of life from the readily available local natural elements. Carefully extracting colors from plants, they dye their threads one by one and handcraft NONA threads.
Today, NONA doesn’t limit itself to just hand-wound balls; their threads are used in embroidery and cross-stitching as well. NONA’s mission is to add a touch of uniqueness and a world of colors derived from nature to everyone’s lives and experiences, enriching their homes and journeys with a personalized and one-of-a-kind palette of plant-dyed hues and radiance.

We’re delighted to announce a special collaboration: the exclusive selection of Nona threads packed in beautifully hand-crafted box, now exclusively available in our online store. These threads are not only perfect for Sashiko embroidery but also suitable for various other creative projects. 


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