Daruma Sashiko Kit – Linen Handkerchief in 3 colours


This Daruma Sashiko linen handkerchief cloth is suitable for anyone who wants to try the whole process of Sashiko.
This is NOT a pre-printed cloth so you need to trace the pattern by yourself. (If you’ve never used tracing paper before, we`d recommend starting with our pre-printed Daruma kits instead)

This all-in-one kit includes: needle, thread, threader and tracing paper.

Each kit has 3 different Sashiko patterns which you can trace on the cloth by using the included tracing paper.
Simply choose your favourite pattern(s) and place it wherever you like on the handkerchief. Put the tracing paper in between the cloth and pattern paper and then trace the lines with the tracing wheel.

Unfortunately the manual is only written in Japanese. But I think you can visibly understand the manual.

This kit comes with the following items:

– Linen handkerchief x 1 (34cm x 34cm)
– Sashiko thread
– Sashiko needle
– Threader
– Tracing paper
– 3 patterns with manual (Japanese only)

Each option has a different colour of cloth, thread and patterns. Please check the available patterns for each option before making a decision.

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