Misuya Chubei – Hotsurenon (Mending Needle)


This Misuya Chubei mending needle Hotsurenon was nominated by several online e-commerce platforms as one of the best selling needles.

With this magical little device you can easily fix loose threads and fraying of fabric. Half of the needle has been especially coated with something like sand paper so it sticks to the thread/fray and therefore enables you to push the loose part back inside and to the other side of the fabric.

You can simply put the needle through the part where the threat/ fray comes out and the needle will fetch it to the backside. The edge of the needle is a ball pointed to prevent damaging of the material.

The package contains: 1 needle with no eye

Needle size : W0.50mm L60.0mm

Note: The package is written only in Japanese.

Please always store needles safely and keep them away from children.


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