Misuya Chubei – Assorted Needles in Wooden Box (Set of 100 Needles)


These Misuya Chubei assorted needles come in a special Kiri (Paulownia) box.
Paulownia wood is thought to be the best material for storing needles as it keeps humidity away and prevent them from rusting. It also makes a great present.

Shape of the eye: all oval shapes apart from Large Chabo (grooved shape)

Each box contains the following 10 different types of popular needles (10 needles per type = 100 needles in total)

  • 三 – 二 = 3-2 

10 x cotton needles. Suitable for attaching buttons.

  • 三 – 五 = 3-5 

10 x longest cotton needles. Suitable for blind stitch.

  • 四 – 二 = 4-2 

10 x shorter silk needles. The most versatile needle. Suitable for silk and wool.

  • もめんゑりし = Momen-Erishime

10 x cotton Kimono collar needles. Suitable for blind stitching, tacking, hemming blankets in thick cotton.

  • きぬくけ = Kinu-Kuke 

10 x thin silk blind stich needles. Suitable for blind stitching thin silk fabrics such as silk satin, organza etc.

  • つむぎくけ = Tsumugi-Kuke 

10 x silk pongee needles. Suitable for thick silk and wool fabrics.

  • もめんつぎ = Momen-Tsugi 

10 x cotton patching needles. This was used for restoring kimonos. Suitable for patch works.

  • つむぎ = Tsumugi

10 x Tsumugi needles. Suitable for thick silk, cotton and wool fabrics. Also good for patch works.

  • きぬ = Kinu 

10 x fine silk needles. Suitable for small stitches in silk fabrics .

  • 大ちやぼ = Large Chabo 

10 x for attaching buttons and working with thicker fabrics.

Note: The package is written only in Japanese.

Please always store needles safely and keep away from children.



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