Misuya Chubei – Assorted needles for quilting/patchwork (Grooved oval eye)


These Misuya Chubei assorted needles with grooved oval needle eye are perfect for quilting and patchwork.

Shape of the eye: All grooved oval shape

Each box contains the following 5 different types of popular needles (21 needles in total)

  • キルト針 (普通) = Quilting needle (Size W:0.71mm L45.5mm)

3 x Longest cotton needles. Suitable for blind stitch.

  • キルト針 (細目) = Quilting needles (Size W:0.56mm L 36.4mm)

3 x Shorter silk needles. Also suitable for patchwork.

  • しつけ用キルト針 = 3-2 (Size W:0.71mm L 36.4mm)

5 x Cotton needles. Suitable for attaching buttons.

  • まつり用キルト針 = 4-5 (Size W:0.56mm L 45.5mm)

5 x Longest silk needles.

  • パッチワーク針 = Patchworking needle (Size W:0.84mm L 39.4mm)

5 x For attaching buttons and working with thicker fabrics.

Note: The package is written only in Japanese.

Please always store needles safely and keep away from children.


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