Misuya Chubei – Hand Sewing Gift Box


This Misuya Chubei hand sewing giftbox is the perfect present for craft lovers. The set is in a Kiri (Paulownia) wooden box with a gold embossed image of a Japanese princess.
Paulownia wood is thought to be the best material for storing needles as it keeps humidity away and prevent them from rusting.

This box contains the following items:

  • 2 types of popular needles (groove-shaped eye)
    三 – 二 = 3-2 (Size W:0.71mm L 36.4mm) – 5 x cotton needles
    四 – 二 = 4-2 (Size W:0.56mm L 36.4mm) – 5 x shorter silk needles
  • A clear plastic needle case
  • A silk needle cushion
  • A needle threader
  • A mending needle (Hotsurenon) – For further info please click here
  • A silk thread holder with white and black threads
  • Small snippers (75mm)
  • A silk snippers case

Note: The package is written in Japanese only.

Please always store needles safely and keep them away from children.


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