Cohana-Awaji Kawara Seam Ripper in 2 colours


Awaji Kawara Seam Ripper

Seam ripper to enhance your handmade time


Awaji Island in Hyogo Prefecture, blessed with fertile soil, is one of the foremost producers of Kawara (traditional Japanese roof tiles) in Japan. The Ripper is handy for cutting threads in seams and punching holes for buttonholes. The handle of the ripper is finished with Awaji Kawara.

This ceramic tile, part of the Awaji Kawara roof tiles, is glazed and fired, resulting in a smooth texture and glossy colour coat on the rustic surface. Choose from two colours: the subtle “White” and the sophisticated “Grey.”

The square-shaped handle has rounded edges, designed to fit well into female hands. It eliminates the small stress of rolling around during work, providing a nice weight without being overly heavy.

Each ripper comes with a silk tassel featuring gold threads that match the glaze colour. The sharp blade of the seam ripper is made in Japan, and its cover is crafted from genuine leather with the Cohana logo engraved.

Partially Unstitch the Seam

Hold the ripper with the red ball side up. Unstitch a wide range of seams with a single slide. Hold the ripper with the red ball side down for buttonhole piercing. Place a sewing pin at the end point of the buttonhole to prevent overcutting.

Producing Region



Awaji Kawara | Irakato/South Awaji City of Awaji Island

Irakato, located in Tsui, South Awaji City of Awaji Island, was established in 1950 and has inherited the traditional method of Kawara manufacturing. Using the good soil from the island, Irakato explores new possibilities for Kawara, adding colours to everyday life.

Product Size

All measurements are for reference. Please note that the actual dimensions of the product may slightly vary.

  • Length: 115mm
  • Width: 10mm
  • Blade part length: 40mm

Package Size

  • Width: 67mm
  • Height: 30mm
  • Depth: 170mm


Ceramic, Steel, Silk, Polyester, Genuine leather, PFA, Epoxy resin

Handling Precautions

  1. Please use the product only for its intended purpose.
  2. There may be individual differences in the finish of ceramics due to climate at the time of manufacture, soil, and natural minerals in the glaze.
  3. Discontinue use if cracks or chips appear on the ceramic handle.
  4. The handle has a rough part, not coated with glaze, so please be careful not to rub or drag it too hard as it may damage surrounding objects.
  5. The cutting edge of the ripper is sharp, so please handle it with care.
  6. To prevent rusting, wipe off water well when the ripper’s cutting edge gets wet.
  7. After use, store the product with the attached cover on the blade.
  8. The attached cover is made of genuine leather and may stretch or shrink a little. Wetting with water or sweat may cause colour fading or stains.
  9. Avoid storing the product for long periods of time under strong ultraviolet rays or at high temperatures.
  10. The tassel made of silk may fade or discolour due to friction, moisture, or ultraviolet rays.
  11. Dropping or strong impact may cause damage.
  12. Keep out of the reach of infants.


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