Cohana-Brass Ruler (Classic Japanese Style) in 2 lenghts


Traditional bamboo rulers were once widely used in old Japan but fell out of favor over the years. We collaborated with the brand ICHIREI of Marui Techno Co. Ltd., Tochigi Prefecture to reimagine the old-school Japanese bamboo ruler in brass. The ruler has a nostalgic but timeless feel, and the polished brass is a delight to the touch. Its gentle curve emulates the character of bamboo and fits naturally to your hands, which makes it easier to use than a flat ruler.

Precise scales are beautifully laser-engraved on the surface in the Japanese traditional bamboo ruler way. Rather than numerals, simple dots called hoshi are engraved every 2.5 cm in the traditional style so that the ruler can be used from both ends.

The Brass Ruler (Classic Japanese Style) comes in two sizes, 15 cm and 30 cm. A great gift for your loved ones.

※This ruler is scaled in centimetres.

Producing Region : Tochigi


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