Sōho Assorted Hand Sewing Needle Set


This Sōho Assorted Hand Sewing Needle Set is perfect for anyone who wants to try almost all sizes of needles.
Thanks to the handy needle case you can store them more safely and organised. Also you can easily carry them around.

This set contains the following 10 different types of needles, 5 needles each (50 needles in total) and with a small magnet sheet for collecting needles.

No 4 Short L:34.8mm W:0.91mm
No 5 Short L:33.3mm W:0.84mm
No 6 Short L:31.8mm W:0.75mm
No 7 Short L:30.3mm W:0.68mm
No 8 Short L:28.8mm W:0.60mm
No 9 Short L:27.3mm W:0.53mm

No 6 Long L:39.4mm W:0.75mm
No 7 Long L:37.9mm W:0.68mm
No 8 Long L:36.4mm W:0.60mm
No 9 Long L:34.8mm W:0.53mm

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