3D Pattern Cutting Institute – Multi-Purpose Pattern Cutting Ruler by Renko Endo


This pattern cutting ruler has 7 Functions in one

  1. Pattern drawing guides (Only written in Japanese) – Various Dart Lines / Front and Back Armhole Curves / Front and Back Sleeve Cap Curves
  2. Straight Ruler
  3. Right Angle Ruler
  4. Protractor
  5. Bias Line Ruler
  6. Parallel Lines Ruler
  7. Grading Ruler

This ruler is not made of hard plastic so you can bend the ruler when you measure curved lines such as neckline.

If you want to learn more about the inventor of this ruler please check the product description below!!

Only printed with metric measurements.

– Note –
Never store in direct sunlight or in a location above 55°C as this may cause deformation.
Also never leave this on a hot ironing board. (We accidentally ruined quite a few rulers by doing this.)

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