Misuya Chubei – Hand Sewing Needle for Silk – Round Eye 丸


This Misuya Chubei Silk needle was designed for the purpose of hand sewing silk fabrics or very thin and delicate materials.

The package contains: 25 needles

Shape of the eye: Round

Note: This round eye is Misuya’s unique feature. However you might find threading difficult if you never used the needle before.

There are 5 different lengths available of which we stock 3 sizes for now:

  • 四 – 一 = 4-1 (Size W:0.56mm L 33.3mm)
  • 四 – 二 = 4-2 (Size W:0.56mm L 36.4mm)
  • 四 – 三 = 4-3 (Size W:0.56mm L 39.4mm)
  • 四 – 三半 = 4-3/2 (Size W:0.56mm L 40.9mm)
  • 四 – 四 = 4-4 (Size W:0.56mm L 42.4mm)
  • 四 – 五 = 4-5 (Size W:0.56mm L 45.5mm)

Note: The package is written only in Japanese.

Please always store needles safely and keep away from children.


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