Bunka Hera Marker


Bunka Hera marker

Product length – 12cm

Hera markers are used to make non permanent marks in your fabrics. They are perfect for applique and reverse applique projects. Hera markers are made of a stirdy, rigid plastic and are not sharp enough to actually cut through fabric or leave permanent impressions. They are however perfect for finger pressing seams, folding back applique and creasing seam allowances.

The size and shape of the hera marker makes it easy to handle and use. Simply drag the marker accross the surface of the fabric to leave a visible mark on both sides of the fabric with no residue.

Please note that while the marks left by the Hera marker are very crisp and clear, they will fade rather quickly so it is best used where sewing will take place straight away and is not an appropriate tool for making lines that need to last through sewing an entire quilt.

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