KFI Stainless Tweezers 130mm K-4 MM


These KFI tweezers (model K-4 MM) are the perfect tool for your daily sewing work. We tried so many different tweezers and these are by far the best ones. Their precise and sharp points allow you to hold the fabric very securely and as close to the needle as you can, giving you much more control over your sewing.

Their length is 130mm which is a very good size (if they’re too long you cannot move them around and if they’re too short it’s difficult to hold). The grip end is round-shaped so it won’t hurt when moving them around.

KFI is the only Japanese company to produce tweezers in 18-8 stainless non-magnetic steel which is very durable.

Note : This product doesn’t come in a box, but in a plastic cover. 

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