Hara Doki Glass Fibre Tape Measure 150 cm / 60 inch (With extra gap)


This Hara Doki tailor tape measure is simply one of the best qualities you can find. As it is made out of very durable glass fibre it lasts much longer than ordinary tape measure (50 times stronger according to Hara Doki) and is an essential tool for any kind of clothing maker. It also comes coated in antibacterial material.

This tape measure is double-sided with both cm and inch measuring scales (150cm and 60inch)

We have 2 types of tape measure:

  • Starting at 0 (No gap at the edge) – Suitable for sewing and pattern cutting.
  • Starting after a blank gap of 5cm – Most suitable for measuring the body. Because of the extra space at one side you can overlap the edge when measuring body shapes, making it much easier and more accurate

This is the version with an extra 5cm gap for measuring bodies.

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