Misuya Chubei Hand- Crafted 105mm Snippers -Kabura Blade


These Misuya Chubei Kabura blade snippers are handmade by skilful craftsman from Scissors maker Misuzu Japan. Kabura means Turnip. It’s named after because of the shape.

The material of the blade is called 安来鋼白紙1号 (Yasuki Hagane Shiro Gami 1) which is the best quality Japanese steel forged in Shimano prefecture.They are handmade by folding high quality blade steel into scissors which requires special craftsmanship. Their sharp blades allow you to cut threads very smoothly. 

Just like shears, these snippers require maintenance so you can use them for a lifetime. You will need to get them sharpened when they become less smooth for which we recommend going to a professional sharpener. There is one sharpener in London which we highly recommend called Kataba.

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