Cohana-Mikawa Momen Trifold Toolbag in 4 colours


Made by the studio Ichimaruni in Osaka, the Mikawa Momen Trifold Toolbag is a unique tool-carrying bag that unfolds to reveal five inner pockets with ample storage and a zippered compartment for small items.

The inner pockets are made with durable, water-repellant canvas that softens with use, and the outer portion of the toolbag features an intricate Sashiko-ori weave in the Mikawa Momen style. In this traditional technique, pre-dyed yarn is woven into drawn thread to create a unique, textured cloth that boasts excellent durability and softness.

This versatile toolbag can be used not only as a holder for sewing notions or other crafting supplies, but also as a makeup bag, a clutch, or a space organizer.
With its functional design and unconventional style, it pairs perfectly with Ichimaruni’s Waxed Canvas Tool Tote or Waxed Canvas Accessory Pouch.


Producing Regions : Aichi × Osaka



NOTE : Only Natural & Pink colour is available 

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