Bunka – H Curved Ruler


The “H” comes from the initial letter of “Hip,” and it’s particularly useful when sketching gentle curves like darts or side seams.

Why the scale markings on the dressmaking ruler don’t fade:
The scale markings are printed on a 0.2mm thick vinyl film. Several layers of the same film are then applied on top using heat and pressure. Since the printed surface doesn’t come into direct contact with paper or fabric due to the layered film, the markings don’t fade away.

Reason for laminating the layers:
By laminating several layers of 0.2mm thick vinyl film, the ruler’s warping is eliminated. (If you were to laminate various thicknesses of film together, the different stretch ratios might cause warping.)

Why the ruler is perfectly transparent:
Using matte film and laminating it with heat and pressure prevents air bubbles from forming inside the ruler, resulting in a clear finish.

The thickness of this ruler is 2mm (Made with 10 layers of 0.2mm vinyl films)

Only printed with metric measurements.

– Note –
Never store in direct sunlight or in a location above 55°C as this may cause deformation.
Also never leave this on a hot ironing board. (We accidentally ruined quite a few rulers by doing this.)

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